There are a number of good Bitcoin wallets out there. You can install a Bitcoin wallet on your computer, smartphone/tablet or use an online wallet. You can select your wallet from this page, and proceed after. We suggest you use block.io. It is easy to get started, and offers a range of options for security.
Bitcoin requires a more hands on approach than having money in the bank. With Bitcoin, you are in full control of your own funds. There is nobody to guarantee the money for you. You need to make sure to have a backup of your wallet, or in the case of an online account, that your account has a good password, and that two factor security is enabled. All Bitcoin payments are final, and it is therefore important to make sure that nobody can access your wallet. If you use a wallet on your mobile, tablet or computer, make sure you always have a backup on a USB or another offline device to restore the wallet.
Bitcoin is accepted on many online websites. Some of the most noteable websites are Namecheap for buying domain names, Expedia for travel and many other places. A couple of websites are attempting to keep track of the places that currently accept Bitcoin. Get a detailed list here, or here, or search on Google for who currently accepts Bitcoin. As of late 2016 almost anything online should be possible to be purchased with Bitcoin.
If you purchase for the first time, we might need to check your account in more detail before we can release the order. In most cases everything is fully automatic, but we frequently scan for fraud and malicious activity. If you have not received your order within 24 hours, please email us on support@bitmoney.eu and we will look into your order.
For anyone that is not registered and identified, purchases up to €200 can be made. For anything above €200 you need to provide us with your name, address and a phone number. If you wish to purchase with a Credit or Debit card we also need a copy of your utility bill and passport, as well as a picture of the front of your card. For orders above €10.000 with card or other payment systems, please contact us on support@bitmoney.eu and we can give you a better than advertised price.

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