Buy bitcoin with BANCONTACT

When using Bancontact to buy bitcoin online, customers can transfer money directly from their bank personal account via the Bancontact online banking environment. This guarantees a successful payment that cannot be reversed by the customer.


Recharging your call credit or buying new shoes online, without the hassle of a card reader or digipass? Make it easy for yourself. Discover the Bancontact app to make payments online easier and faster.



There is no need for cards or card readers anymore - in web shops that accept Bancontact mobile payments, you can simply use the Bancontact app to make purchases of up to 500 EUR per transaction, safely and easily.



Using the Bancontact app to buy bitcoin or other goods and services online is incredibly safe. The app guarantees the same safety and security of the traditional Bancontact online banking environment -- none of your personal information or credentials will be shared.



Making payments with Bancontact can be done from anywhere, at anytime! Customers simply have to scan, pin, and done.